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Who says you can’t have s’mores for lunch?

The Girl Scouts of America may get credit for making the lowly marshmallow synonymous with campfires — and for discovering its raison d’être by smashing it between graham crackers with a mess of chocolate — but Maine has Colby grads and Brooklyn transplants Madison Gouzie and Eric Holstein to thank for elevating the humble s’more to an elegant confection that can be consumed without shame in broad daylight. The duo behind Portland’s new Marshmallow Cart peddles massive homemade marshmallows, torched individually on skewers and baked into gloppy rice-crispy treats or charred and then smooshed into s’mores. With rotating flavors like true Tahitian vanilla, intense dark raspberry, toasted coconut, and sweet and savory cocoa almond, the Marshmallow Cart brings the campfire to the city.

The crew generally stays in to bake on Mondays, but can usually be found the rest of the week in the Old Port’s Post Office Park and, come weekends, in front of the Hyatt Place hotel on Fore Street — follow on Facebook for precise hours and updates. In any case, the cart doesn’t hew to campfire hours. Of course, if you’re not up for a giant s’more at noon on a Tuesday, the cart also serves Belgian waffles and cereals. But those who commit to a gooey muddle of heaven, regardless of the hour, will not be sorry. Scout’s honor.

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