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17 Must-Try Foods in Maine That Aren’t Lobster Rolls

The Marshmallow Cart made the list of "17 Must-Try Foods in Maine That Aren't Lobster Rolls"!

Vanilla S’mores from The Marshmallow Cart

Ok, so what’s a s’more doing on this list? I found the Marshmallow Cart when we were walking around the First Friday Art Walk in Portland. It’s kind of like a food truck but it’s on a cart that they wheel around Portland.They make their own marshmallows, with flavors like root beer, vanilla, and strawberry. They don’t look like Rocky Road marshmallows, that’s for sure.

They assemble your s’more right in front of your eyes, and melt the marshmallow until it gets to that perfect golden brown AND they use homemade graham crackers. Easily the best s’more I’ve ever had.

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